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Porsche | Mercedes GLC 300 Video Shoot

What a thrilling moment it was when Mercedes Benz of Alexandria approached us, eager to collaborate on showcasing their top-selling gem, the GLC 300 series, in a dazzling video. As fate would have it, Porsche, one of Mercedes' cherished customers, was scheduled to pick up her very own GLC 300 on a sunny Saturday. We seized the opportunity to capture the sheer excitement of her purchase, infusing every frame with the joy and anticipation of the moment. Working hand in hand with Mercedes on this project was nothing short of exhilarating, adding another chapter to our journey of creating unforgettable experiences.

Director: Mercedes Benz Alexandria

Procedure:   Shohn

Drone  Pilot:  Shohn

A Cam Operator: Noah

B Cam Operator: Shohn

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