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Dappa | "Birthday Celebration"

Dappa's birthday bash was a truly exceptional event, and he reached out to us to immortalize this special occasion. With a strong bond between Dappa and FOCUS, the renowned restaurant in DC hosting the celebration, we were fortunate to employ our FPV drone to capture breathtaking footage within the venue. We are deeply thankful for this chance, as we always look forward to maneuvering our FPV drones in such unique settings.

Adding to the allure of FOCUS is its multi-level layout, allowing us to seamlessly navigate our drone from the ground floor to the upper level. This provided a distinct vantage point, one that would have been exceedingly challenging to achieve otherwise.

Director:  Dappa

Procedure:   Shohn

FPV Drone Pilot:  Shohn

A Cam Operator:  Shohn

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