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The Garden Rooftop | "FPV Perspective"

The backstory behind this project is absolutely astonishing! Imagine this: Alex, the visionary owner of the Garden Rooftop, poured his heart and soul into this venture for a whopping five years. Picture this: What once stood as a mere car wash has now been transformed into a breathtaking establishment, thanks to Alex's unwavering dedication.

From the very foundation, he spearheaded a complete overhaul, starting with the interior and working tirelessly to bring his dream to life. Now, the property boasts a staggering value of 2 million dollars! And guess what? We've been handpicked to showcase the sheer brilliance of this venue through an exhilarating interior tour using our top-of-the-line drone technology.

Get ready to be dazzled as we highlight the incredible artistry and craftsmanship that went into making the Garden Rooftop the talk of the town!

Director: Alex

Procedure: Shohn

FPV Pilot:  Shohn

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